Customer Testimonials

My dogs, Dixie and Abby are my best friends.  I want to provide them with the best for happy healthy lives.  This includes monthly massage sessions.

Elise, with her vast knowledge, dedication to her profession, her healing hands and her healing heart brings great well being to my dogs.

Elise sees through her hands in attending Dixie who has some spine degeneration.
Elise has patience and is a gifted healer helping Abby through her soft tissue injury.  As well as guiding me through the process.
Over the years, Elise continues to give comfort to my dogs, which is why I travel two hours for their monthly massage sessions.
 Kathie, Dixie, and Abby

We first met Elise in December of 09,  during one of our daily morning walks with our two dogs (Mackie & Annie).    Mackie (English Bull Terrier) was immediately drawn to Elise, and I remember commenting to my husband Bob after continuing our walk, how very calm he was with her, basically melted into her arms.  We saw her again the following week on our walk and again he melted like butter when she touched and massaged him.  It was at that time she informed us that she was a massage therapist, who worked on both human and animals. 

So in January of this year, we took Mackie in for his first visit. At first he was a little standoffish, but with each visit he has grown to trust and look forward to his massages with Elise.

He has become a more calm and balanced dog because of Elise's healing hands.  She really listens to him, in that when he does not want any more, she respects that and stops, and/or if he wants her to move her hands to another area, she complies.  So because of this, his sessions vary in time, from 20-60 minutes.  It all about the animal, not the clock.

Mackie's session will continue, as he is always a work in progress, no drugs for this 3 year old.  For those owners who believe in a more holistic approach to helping their pets,  we would highly recommend having an evaluation by Elise,  We truly believe that she has improved Mackie's quality of life, which in turn gives him more time with us. 

So all I can say is, you have nothing to loose by trying and all to gain, by an improved quality of life for your pet, with no nasty side effects either!

Let the healing continue,

Dorothy Christie
Morro Bay, Ca.